How to Get Free Citi Bike This Weekend

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Have you been too busy or lazy or unsure if you’ll use Citi Bike to sign up for it? Personally, I have been all of those things. But guess what? If you take five measly seconds out of your day, right now, click on this link, and then fill in your first name, last name, and email address, you can ride Citi Bike for free, all weekend long, starting today. This is not a joke! It is for real. I am so bad at signing up for things, and yet I just did this and it didn’t pain me at all.

Who is gifting us with such summer fun? The answer is Motivate, who designs and deploys bike sharing systems, including our own, all across the country, as well as their sponsor San Pellegrino, who everybody loves because sparkling beverages are the best. But also, this free bike weekend is in honor of a new app, called Delightways, which is interactive and—as you ride for free on your Citi Bike this weekend—gives you routes that are off the beaten path as it were (but still on the path, because you’re riding your bike in the city), that will bring you to “unique places to visit and cool things to do” as you make your way to wherever you’re going. (Think: food trucks, markets, art murals, you get the picture.)

You can learn more about it and download the app via that same free bike link that you already visited, because I told you to visit it. Good job. Happy free biking. It’s gonna be a beautiful weekend.


  1. So this article that’s actually helpful and time-sensitive doesn’t show up on my FB newsfeed, but a constant flow of articles from 2014 does. Okay.


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