It’s finally here! Yesterday kicked off of Northside Festival’s music portion, and thanks to the hard work of everyone involved with the festival, there are so many excellent shows to attend that I’ve separated previews out by genre to help Brooklynites parse the extensive schedules. For those who associate Northside Fest mostly with indie rock, yes, that is the bread and butter here. But there is a dark underbelly of heavy heavy experimental, noise, and hardcore shows that deserve their fair share of attention, too. So without further ado, here’s five heavy bands to see this weekend.


Bambara Northside Festival

Date And Time: Sunday, 6/12 @ Palisades, 10 PM
We included these Georgia natives in our recent feature highlighting nine of the best NYC bands, and praising their latest album, the gnarly Swarm. They’ll doubtless be playing cuts from that 2016 release, along with older stuff from their debut Dreamviolence and possibly even brand new noise collages. They’ll be playing at Palisades, ther band’s self-proclaimed favorite venue, and one that’s just a few short blocks from the Bushwick apartment they’ve called home for several years now.

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Beech Creeps

Beech Creeps Northside Festival

Date And Time: Friday, 6/10 @ Union Pool, 9:45 PM
One of my favorite bands to make screeching sound desirable, Beech Creeps burst on the scene in 2013, but won my heart last year with a self-titled debut album and the cheekiness to dub themselves a “three-limbed “rock ‘n roll Chimera.” If that doesn’t win you over, the growling kaleidescope of “Arm Of The T-Rex” will. If that doesn’t, then you are plain old wrong. What’s that like?

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Pill Northside Festival

Date And Time: Saturday, 6/11 @ Alphaville, 11:15 PM // Sunday, 6/12 @ Palisades, 11 PM
Pill came together just over two years ago, proving once and for all that a spike of saxophone amid a cacophony of noise is good and righteous. Though the sax may steal the show, it’s frontwoman Veronica Torres who makes the songs into a show, imbuing them with bluster, arrogance, despair and ferocity–sometimes all in the same line! These guys also have a new album coming out later this summer, look for much more from them very soon.
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Lotic Northside Festival

Date And Time: Saturday, 6/11 @ Saint Vitus, 1:30 AM
Late last year we named Lotic’s Heterocetera EP as one of the top three experimental releases in 2015. Half a year later, none of that enthusiasm has dwindled. In fact, it’s only increased. J’Kerian Morgan described his first EP for the storied Tri Angle records as “the biggest middle finger I can do right now,” but I’m just waiting to see what other fuck you’s are coming from this magnificent producer.

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Rabit Northside Festival

Date And Time: Saturday, 6/11 @ Saint Vitus, 12:30 AM
Houston producer Rabit–also of Tri Angle records–released his debut full-length Communion, late last year. It’s a record that, among other things, attempts to sonically communicate the panic, anxiety and anger that emerges when we live in a society plagued by unrelenting gun violence. The music on Communion could be described as violent, but what it is, really, is an attempt to violently awaken us from what has become the status quo. That’s worth staying up late for.

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