The MTA Is Just Screwing with Us Now: An L Train Shutdown Update

L train

Look, far be it from me to shit-talk the MTA, but also: I have lots of shit to talk about the MTA. First, there’s the Waiting for Godot-esque quality of living along the G-line. (Don’t even TRY to tell me that the G in G train does not stand for Godot. I won’t hear it.) Then, there’s the knowledge that basically everyone who lives along the L or M, or ever wants to visit North Brooklyn using anything OTHER than the G train (or, ugh, the bus) will soon be out of luck for years at a time. It’s like, what next? How will you fuck me gently by alluding to the possibility of an express F train next, MTA? How will you hurt me next?

Oh, by… saying that rumors of a North Brooklyn subway apocalypse might have been greatly exaggerated? Yes! It seems so. According to Gothamist, MTA officials are now saying that “the agency still doesn’t know whether the L train shutdown will be perpetual or spread out on weekends,” and is in fact handling everything very pragmatically, with real sensitivity regarding whether or not an L train shutdown could actually fucking RUIN people’s lives. Or, as MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast, put it: “We’re letting people know that there are pros and cons to each of those two alternatives, and we want to make sure we adequately weigh what those pros and cons are, and don’t make this decision in a vacuum.”

Well, that sounds reasonable? And thoughtful? And like maybe the MTA isn’t that cruel bastard who likes nothing more to toy with the emotions of the millions of people who rely on it daily? Maybe! Too soon to tell, really. But I want to believe that, in this crazy city of ours, that sometimes things turn out better than we’d thought they would, and that the North Brooklyn Subway Apocalypse has been averted. We’ll see! Fingers crossed. Etc.


  1. Aww, serves you all right for living in such a ridiculous, overpriced, stupid, self absorbed neighbourhood that peaked 15 years ago. The Godot bit was funny though. Thanks.


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