Brooklyn’s Newest Food Trend Is a Cake That Looks Like Water

Raindrop Cake

Japan is home to tons of fascinating hybrid inventions. Think: Robot-staffed hotels, boyfriends for rent, eyelash extensions for pets, and… raindrop cakes, aka a dessert that looks like water. Or, in the words of the Raindrop Cake website, “a light, delicate, and refreshing raindrop made for your mouth.” And, as DNAinfo reports you can now get the Raindrop Cake right here in Brooklyn, providing you’re willing to wait on a very long line at Smorgasburg.

A Raindrop Cake is made up of water (naturally) and agar, and is then dressed with roasted soybean flour and brown sugar syrup. While not quite as delicate as actual raindrops, Raindrop Cake creator Darren Wong said that for stability’s sake, each cake is prepared and packaged in plastic containers off-site, and kept hydrated in water before it’s sold. When served, the drops are placed, like little gifts, on a bamboo sheath, says DNAinfo, and gilded in soybean flour and sugar syrup.

Given that New Yorkers can’t contain themselves when it comes to weird food, and will submit to standing in long lines to get it, this past weekend at Smogasburg, Raindrop Cake had, by far, the longest line around. To aid Raindrop Cake dispatch, servers took $8 pre-payments from the patrons who were most determined to get their hands on their first ever imitation-water desert.

According to DNAinfo’s report, they were just as eager to play with their Waterdrops as they were to eat them. “Buyers seemed satisfied, poking excitedly at the alleged treats with spoons before slurping them down.”

So thank you, Darren Wong. You have whetted our palates with yet another novelty edible; our weekends, once again, look bright.

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Photo via Raindrop Cake’s Instagram


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