Things I Have Mistaken for the Sound of the G Train Coming

G train

  1. The A train
  2. The C train
  3. The F train
  4. A pigeon trapped in the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station
  5. A rat running down the tracks
  6. A man with a singular cough
  7. A fly buzzing too closely to my ear
  8. My pulse pounding when the panic about how late I’m going to be AGAIN becomes palpable
  9. A little boy screaming PENIS!
  10. A little girl barreling down the platform on a scooter
  11. A stroller that’s bigger than a car bumping down the stairwell
  12. A pack of teens, walking no louder than a herd of elephants, but no more quietly either
  13. Someone—a real-life hero—tearing a Batman vs Superman poster of the wall and crumpling it up
  14. In the distance, more and more distinctly, snoring
  15. The crackle of the PA system before a voice announces that a G train has just arrived one station away
  16. The garbage train