From the street, this building looks like the others on the block, but step inside and you’ll feel transported to a tree house in Costa Rica. That’s exactly the vibe Sybil Domond and Dan Lessin were going for when they renovated the three-floor townhouse on a quiet street in Greenpoint. Eight years ago, when they discovered this place, they wanted to buy but found themselves priced out of their neighborhood of Williamsburg, where Lessin’s nightclub Bembe is located. When they renovated, Lessin did much of the structural work—salvaging the old wooden joists and turning them into open shelves, installing tiles from Morocco and France in the kitchen, building the lofted bedroom—and Domond sourced thrifted furniture, dishes, and textiles, many of which came from her boho-chic shop People of 2morrow. They plastered and pigmented a few walls in bright colors—a nod to Domond’s Haitian roots—and installed a hammock, where their five-year-old daughter likes to hang out and watch TV with the dog and cat. They always bring back cool items on their travels, like the terra cotta hanging lights from the Dominican Republic and colorful glassware from Mexico. They rent out the first floor apartment on Airbnb.

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All photos by Seth Caplan.


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