New York City’s Hybrid Snack Master, Dominique Ansel (creator of the earth- and Internet-shattering, and excessive line forming Cronut) is at it again, and this time he has a collaborator: Chef Deuki Hong from the wildly popular Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in Koreatown. Together, the chefs have made not a hybrid pastry, but a hybrid sandwich. It’s called the Korean French Dip, but that’s just KFD to you, who, we assume, will be more interested spending time eating one, than in pronouncing its full name.

According to the Times, to make a KFD, you take the basic concept of the French Dip—a baguette with roast beef, dipped in its own meat juices—and give it Korean toppings and fillings. That means: a soft potato roll sprinkled in black garlic—covered in kimchi on one side, and garlic butter on the other—and then filled not with standard thinly sliced roast beef, but with Chef Hong’s thinly sliced “slow-roasted beef.” (No, really, they’re different!) Finally: Do not dip the KFD in its own boring au jus; instead, dip it in the mushroom or serrano chile kalbi variety provided. Voilà, the KFD.

Starting this Friday at 6pm, chefs Ansel and Hong will be making batches of 300 KFDs daily (through Sunday) and, of course, the supply will be first-come-first-serve at Dominique Ansel Kitchen. We know—that’s in Manhattan! But: This hybrid food comes to you from two masters! And if you are one of the 300 lucky bastards stubborn and determined enough to wait in line to actually eat one, we believe your tastebuds will be duly rewarded.

Just be sure to have $22 on hand, which is how much one of them costs. That way, even if you miss out, you could cab it back to Brooklyn and afford and inhale about a dozen rainbow donuts, which are still a hybrid food, and still taste pretty good, if not KFD good.

Head to Dominique Ansel Kitchen this Friday, probably at 5am in advance of the 3pm opening sale; 137 Seventh Avenue, Manhattan!


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