Can’t Get Hamilton Tickets? There’s An App for That

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Not sure if you’ve heard, but Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical Hamilton is, ah, off the hook. Let me tell you something further (I’m sorry in advance): I got to see it. So I’m not passing along hype. I’m passing along reality. Know what else? I was skeptical when I arrived! Because I do not like musicals. But Lin-Manuel Miranda reminded me that when art is good—when art is next-level perfection—the form in which it is delivered is almost beside the point. Mind-blowing shit is mind-blowing shit. Watching lots of people throw down rapped-verse and energetically dance over the founding of a country, I cried several times.

I’m sorry, back to the point of this post: Most of you have not been able to get tickets to see Hamilton because, per the above, the entire world is trying to do that, and a theater has only so many seats. Plus, all of those seats are sold out for the rest of the year. But, chin up! I’m happy to share news of an app, released today, that lets you enter the Hamilton lottery (the only way, given its sold-out status, that you can still see it) as soon as it opens every day, and whose icon is so funny because it’s a ham: It’s called Ham App, and it’s available on iTunes right now.

Ham App founder Lukas Thoms decided to make it when he, too, went to see Hamilton and understood, like the rest of the lucky world, that it was the best thing he’d ever seen. And when you experience that, your heart’s deepest desire becomes: I must see Hamilton again. But he knew his chances were slim, per the nature of a lottery, which is hard to win.

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Ham App sends a push-button notification the moment the Hamilton lottery goes live, every day; it also takes you directly to the Hamilton lottery page, and works in tandem with the website to auto-fill your personal details into the required form: a meticulous three-minute process becomes one that takes less than five seconds.

It’s still a lottery, people, so you might not win. But Thoms, who also wants to make clear he is in no way affiliated with the musical, is giving you the best chance anyone has to succeed. With Ham App, your odds are a tiny bit better than a snow ball’s chance in hell; maybe they’re more like an entire snowman‘s chance in hell; maybe even one made out of ice. Suffice it to say, they’re better.

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