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DJ Jubilee

DJ Jubilee brought her Miami beach-rave roots to Brooklyn and helped revamp the dancefloor by working with dancehall mastermind Dre Skull and signing to Mixpak. Whether it’s a warehouse party in Brooklyn or an international carnival, DJ Jubilee brings the heat.

How did you transition from Miami nightlife to New York? What do you enjoy about being NYC-based?
I just jumped right in. I didn’t know anyone. I just looked up electronic music events via message boards and went and made friends. It was kind of where I always wanted to be so it was easy. NYC is the best place to be based because there are so many scenes and microscenes. Everyone has their own party, record label, headquarters. It’s a great community and people are always visiting to play and party. Never a dull moment.

Can you talk a little bit about your work several years ago with Flashing Lights and how that differs from your focus on solo shows now?
I was DJing by myself before Flashing Lights. I had a party with DJ Morsy called Good Foot. It was at a spot called Royale in Park Slope. Eventually, Royale closed and we had to move on. I was friends with Ayres and Nick Catchdubs and we all decided to throw a party. We put out monthly mixes together and it started out as a weekly. Eventually it went on to be a monthly at 88 Palace and we booked everyone from Toddla T to Flosstradamus and even La Roux’s first USA performance. We threw that party for years. But again all good things must come to an end. Around the time of the party’s peak I started producing music and eventually started making my own records. I still DJ with my record label crew, Mixpak, a lot. We have a party every month or so. They have been really fun and we have gone on tour together and played out of town together quite a lot.

What is something most people don’t realize about being a DJ and getting into that lifestyle as a full-time thing?
Sometimes I think people see my Instagram and Facebook page and look at it as I am always partying all the time, when really it’s way more than that. People will get upset because I didn’t come to something at night and I “went partying” somewhere else when I was actually working. Also I would so much rather go to lunch or have a glass of wine with a friend on the weekends if I am off. The last thing I want to do is feel like I am in “the office” when I don’t need to be out. Also I sleep late and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.

What is your favorite show you’ve ever played at or for?
I prefer to be with a crew of my friends when I play and it really doesn’t matter where I am or what party it is.

Who is your favorite artist or a song that has a special place in your heart to play/rework/remix?
I really really love any latin freestyle. Lisa Lisa, Debbie Deb, Lil Suzy. That’s my shit.

What’s your opinion on the current rave/nightlife scene in Brooklyn?
Right now I can’t even keep up with the parties, there are so many and so many great scenes that I can’t even make it to all of the things to check them out. It’s been a while since it’s been like this so I am excited about it. There is a lot of opportunity for people with talent. There is a party for everything. So that’s cool.

Can you talk about working with Dre Skull and Mixpak? How did you get involved with them?
Dre Skull was my roommate in Greenpoint in like 2009, along with DJ Star Eyes and two visual artist friends of Dre’s. Me, him, and Vivian (Star Eyes) had known each other forever. We lived in a big loft on Greenpoint Ave by the weird industrial part and all just worked on music and talked tunes all day. Vivian had started Trouble and Bass which totally took off and then Dre Skull started Mixpak. I was involved in another label but eventually parted ways with it. When I finished my first solo EP Dre signed it to Mixpak and then I joined the crew. We eventually started a party together and now we have that along with a radio show and a bunch of other stuff. We eventually got evicted from that loft because Brooklyn 😉

What are your plans for the rest of they year/any major developments you want to let people know about?
I have the second installment of my compilation coming out called Magic City. I released one last year as well. That should be out soon so look out for it. I also have a ton of new music being released this year. Mixpak has a radio show on RBMA right now and we have many events for you to dance at, and I have plenty of traveling coming up. FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT @jubileedj

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