There Are Now Whiskey Ice Cream Flights in Williamsburg

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Now that International Women’s Day has passed, it’s time to dedicate our celebratory efforts to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s next Thursday, so you’ve got a solid week to indulge in all things Irish, and by that we mean Whiskey.

So why not whiskey fused with ice cream, in flights? St. Paddy’s day aside, this, to me, sounds like an evergreen treat. It will never be a bad idea. And now OddFellows has done us all the favor of providing this delicious, alcoholic, very chill(ed) sweet, starting this very day.

Gothamist reports that you may purchase a $10 flight of three kinds of Irish Whiskey infused ice cream, and that they’ll serve it through the end of April (because why not): The first flavor is an homage to a Dead Rabbit’s Irish Coffee, imbued with Clontarf 1014 Irish Whiskey; the second is made with Knappogue Castle 12-year single malt Irish Whiskey; and a third (where things take a turn for the crazy), a Little Boo Boo Bakery burnt marshmallow number spiked with Knappogue Castle 12 year single malt.

Yes, please, I will start celebrating St. Paddy’s Day today, by inhaling all three. 

Get thee to Oddfellows; 175 Kent Ave, Brooklyn


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