Think Olio Is College Only Better

Think Olio
Professor Michael Haltenberger, casually teaches Vonnegut for Think Olio. (Parker Peterson)

After you start working for a living, school sounds amazing. Days filled with reading, conversation, pondering random theories about anything as, like, your job; this is the definition of luxury. But, of course, most of us are suckers and never realized how glorious this time in our life was until class got dismissed for good. 

Some people, however, are smarter than that. Chris Zumtobel, for example–he’s smarter than that. Nearing the end of his time at CUNY, and realizing he had no interest in leaving an environment of social learning, Zumtobel said: No! There must be some way to keep this going that is not graduate school. And then, he and his partner, David Kurfirst, realized there was a way. They called it Think Olio, or “a miscellaneous collection of art and literature,” and it would be made available as an ongoing lecture series, led by college professors, covering a vast array of subjects, in casual venues with alcohol.


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