This Weekend, Brunch Dreams Come True at Syndicated


Strange thing: I know what you dreamt about last night. Hours and hours of mouth-watering brunch items, passing in front of your eyes, like on a conveyor belt. There were tater tots covered in pork and scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage made of two meats, pork and beef, and then stuffed with a managerie of herbs and spices and sandwiched in Brooklyn’s latest hybrid carbohydrate, the pretzel croissant. Plus I think–if memory serves–there were even sourdough pancakes. Then, this morning you woke up and lamented: if only a new brunch spot existed where I could eat this dreamy brunch offensive! But Alas… 

Well, today is a gem of a day, because I can make your dream from last night come true. Ok, technically, Syndicated–the new indie movie theater in Bushwick crossed with a restaurant and bar–is going to make your dream come true, because this weekend they debut a brunch menu with all those items and a lot more. Plus, after you eat a bunch of it, you can seat yourself inside their gorgeous dark movie theater and watch Spring Breakers. So it will be like your dream, only better.

Syndicated’s Executive Chef Bret Macris created this lineup of New American comfort food, served at brunch. Thank you, Chef Macris. Thanks, too, for including, everyone’s runaway hangover hit, huevos rancheros, only as a burrito (!!!), and another item that serves the same purpose, a breakfast burger. Plus: hash and eggs, made of 28-day dry-aged brisket, marinated in stout, braised for six hours, shredded, and then served with roasted potatoes, braising jus and poached eggs.

Of course you’ll need to quench your thirst (and aid your food coma) with something alcoholic, so Syndicated has you covered there, too. Brunch cocktails from Kenneth Vanhooser include the de rigeur Bloody Mary (only this puppy includes banna pepper juice and A.1. steak sauce), a drink called The Lawnmower Man (à la Pierce Brosnan in the self-same film, which, apparently, equals a vodka, carrot juice, seasonal green market syrup, and chili concoction), and a little caffeine plus booze, with the Cerro De Punta (coffee, two rums, Amaro, Disaronno, lemon juice, and cinnamon). Whoa.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.33.08 PM

It’s a lot to take in–but, then, that’s exactly the point. You will want–and get–to take all of this in, this weekend.

Brunch at Syndicated, 40 Bogart Street, Bushwick, starting this Saturday, March 12. Served Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 3pm.


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