More Than Great Neckties: The Hill-side on Craftsmanship

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Taste Talks in partnership with Mount Gay hosted four events across the country featuring creative makers and craftsmen who are forging a new path in the spirit of the old ways.

In an industry where mass production and assembly lines are taking over, designers Emil and Sandy Corsillo of The Hill-side had a different vision of the future of menswear.

“The Hill-side started with us collecting old, vintage fabrics–the fabrics used in 20th century workwear garments,” Emil explained. “The first tie we made was cut where the salvage was left at the bottom of the tie. That was our invention.”

Inspired by the craftsmanship used to create these original materials, the Corsillos continued to gather unique, old fabrics and turn them into ties, handkerchiefs and scarfs.

What started as the niche production has developed into a full blown company that just keeps growing. The Hill-side recently opened their flagship brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn, in the heart of South Williamsburg.

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