Brace Yourselves: It Will Feel Like Twenty Degrees Below Zero This Weekend in New York

Via Instagram.
Via Instagram

To be fair, it is winter and we haven’t suffered that much yet. It’s even been, at times, balmy. Yes, we had Jonas. But, remember? Jonas was also the best.

So it is less upsetting—and yet, still plenty upsetting—that this weekend’s wind chills will reach twenty below zero. Yes, twenty degrees below no degrees.

That is very cold. Luckily, I have some great advice for you. Where I grew up, experiencing twenty below zero was as normal as eating breakfast. So rather than cry, we made games out of the cold. Of course, there was ice hockey and ice fishing and broom ball, but even better than any of those games was one you should absolutely plan on playing this weekend: Making frozen pants. Yes, dip your pants in water, place them outside, and watch the magic form before your eyes. Create a nice frozen pants sculpture garden even. You’re welcome. And happy twenty-below-zero long weekend.


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