Warby Parker Finally Opens Shop in Its Spirit Borough, Brooklyn

Via Warby Parker Instagram.
Via Warby Parker Instagram.

Warby Parker—maker of those inexpensive, good-looking frames seen on the mugs of almost every one of your friends—is opening its first store in its rightful home, Brooklyn.

While the company already has brick and motors in 16 states—including mid-country real estate, like Oklahoma and Missouri, as well as four separate locations in Manhattan—they announced on Instagram today that they’re finally putting roots down in their spirit borough.

“Everyone already thought we were based in Brooklyn, so we thought it was time to open a store there,” Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal explained to the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

The new space will be in Cobble Hill, at 55 Bergen Street, in a 2,000-plus square-foot storefront. DNAinfo points out that this is not very far from another hip eyewear maker, Moscot on Court Street. But since “Warby Parker” is synonymous with “glasses” around here, this shouldn’t be cause for too much concern, especially not in light of what matters here most: Warby Parker is coming to its rightful home.


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