A Depressing New Map Shows Where You Can Actually Afford to Live Alone In New York

Bed-Stub, Brooklyn.

It seems like everyone is always either looking for a new apartment, moving out of their current living arrangement, or knows someone that is doing one of the two. “I’m looking for a new place,” is such a typical statement for New Yorkers that it’s almost as common a greeting as “How are you?”

But where to move? And is there any possibility of living alone? Are there any still affordable places left here? Or all we all doomed to live with roommates past our 20s or in converted dumpsters until we realize that maybe, just maybe, we can’t economically manage that New York life. Before you go down that dark path of doubt and existential questioning, DNAinfo has put together an income generated-map that will help you determine where you can financially afford to live alone in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island based on data taken from StreetEasy that looked at 2015  median asking rent by neighborhood. (Because, duh, nobody can afford to live alone in Manhattan, can they??)

Check it out: Simply enter your annual income, and restore a little hope into your life as light blue options across the boroughs ensure that won’t you be that 50-year-old still living with roommates. [Ed. note: Or worse: kids, aka roommates who don’t contribute to the rent.]


  1. I never believe these things. I used to live alone in Manhattan on $45,000/year in a pretty decent apartment. If you look hard enough (and you don’t need a broker for this either!!), you can find an apartment just fine.


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