Exclusive: The NoHo Hospitality Group Is Finally Coming to Brooklyn

Locanda Verde, one of the NoHo Hospitality Group's restaurants
Locanda Verde, one of the NoHo Hospitality Group’s restaurants

“Hotel food” was long considered one of the most denigrating culinary terms; largely associated with radish rosettes, wasabi mashed potatoes, and other delicacies designed to impress Minneapolis-based tourists. In contemporary Manhattan, however, that couldn’t be farther from the case, with everyone from Jean-Georges Vongerichten to Danny Meyer to April Bloomfield opening critically acclaimed eateries in the Trump International, the Martha Washington, the Gramercy Park and the Ace. And Williamsburg—with its ever-growing slate of boutique, waterfront properties—is starting to attract some equally big names to Brooklyn; so move over, Andrew Tarlow, because one of Manhattan’s leading hospitality groups is officially headed to the hood.

That would be the NoHo Hospitality Group—the veritable dream team of Andrew Carmellini, Luke Ostrom and Josh Pickard—who’ve taken over food and beverage operations for The William Vale hotel. “We love Williamsburg and know this property will be an anchor for the neighborhood. The timing is just right,” they said in an exclusive statement to BKmag. Slated to open this summer, the 21-story building will boast 183 guest rooms, a ballroom and salon, an indoor-outdoor bar venue, a lap pool and terrace, an elevated 15,000 square ft. public green space and a dedicated restaurant, meaning NHG will be tasked with developing and overseeing various programs, venues and room service. Childs play, basically, for a group whose portfolio already includes two highly-regarded hotel establishments (Locanda Verde and Little Park), not to mention various standalone spots with completely different concepts, from the French-styled Lafayette to the pasta-focused Bar Primi and the all-American oyster room, The Dutch.

So if you can’t afford to live like a tourist in NYC, at least you can attempt to eat like one. And in Williamsburg, at least, that’s becoming an increasingly great thing.

111 N. 12th Street, Williamsburg


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