Sponsored Video: What the Heck Is Perfect Black (and Why Do We Need It)?

LG OLED_Black colours and Contrast_LCD TV vs OLED TV

If you’ve ever really thought about it, the fact that there are multiple tones and saturations of the color black seems obvious (like how your go-to pair of black jeans can look downright gray when paired with a new black top…or is that just us?). We can clearly see the contrast between different shades of black in the real world; why wouldn’t we want to see it onscreen as well? The thing is, until recently, that type of distinction just wasn’t possible.

So what’s changed? New developments in television display technology have allowed for a major boost in picture quality, specifically in our TV’s ability to render black. The newest generation of display tech, OLED, is a major breakthrough because these TVs (unlike older types like plasma and LCD) don’t require backlighting. We won’t get too technical, but suffice it to say that no backlight = the ability to render a perfect black, which also enhances any other colors appearing on your screen. Even if you’re not one to nerd out about picture quality, you have to admit this is pretty damn cool.

In case you’re still unclear on what exactly this means for you, the ultimate channel-surfer (or Netflix binge-watcher), take Michael Uslan’s words in the video above to heart. Seriously, the guy produced the Batman franchise; he knows a lot about how darkness should be portrayed onscreen. You may not think it makes a big difference, but as he says, “perfect black is the portal to perfect color.” And don’t we all want our TV and movie viewing experience to be just a little more perfect?

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