Be a Dessert-Ordering Boss: Get Ovenly and the Meatball Shop’s Boozy Rudolph

Meet the best reindeer, The Boozy Rudolph.
Meet the best reindeer: The Boozy Rudolph.
One of my favorite things to do when I happen to find myself on the most expansive commercial real estate strip in Brooklyn—Bedford Avenue—is go to the Meatball Shop. Oh, how I love to plop myself at the bar, pluck an erasable dry marker from a nearby container, and apply it to a plastic menu, which asks me to choose my kind of ball (usually turkey), my kind of sauce (usually the mushroom selection), and the side I’d like to eat it with (usually market greens). It’s the kind of engaged ordering that makes me feel like the Executive Eater I’ve always dreamed I could be, tailoring the specifics of my meal exactly as I please.

Another one of my favorite things to do, when I find myself in Greenpoint, usually on my way to Transmitter Park or visit my friend Ray, is to stop inside Ovenly. I’m not even remotely a sweets person, but good lord does that place smell like heaven. It is worth it for me to just walk inside its pretty doors, order myself a tiny cup of coffee, and then usually get tricked into buying a salted chocolate chip cookie that I may dunk in my black joe while I sit on a Transmitter Park bench, where I’ve just meandered, and gaze over at all the suckers in Manhattan who are not eating the best treat in the world, surrounded by a nice green lawn, an old radio station, and some kids.

And so, with these fantastic eating experiences lodged comfortably in my memory, I was very happy to learn about a brand new dessert collaboration between both of these businesses called The Boozy Rudolph, which will be served with a brandy-soaked red cherry on top, at all six Meatball Shop locations, throughout the month of December.

Technically speaking, the decadent meal-capper does not look like a reindeer, save of course for the cherry-red “nose,” but that is completely beside the point since you will be destroying your dessert in short order anyhow. Ovenly’s chocolate salted caramel brownie—in the bakery’s traditional salty-sweet fashion—is finished with The Meatball Shop’s in-house vanilla ice cream, another round of caramel sauce (double caramel all the way!), and one of Chef Daniel Sharp’s brandied red fruits.

This is just the over-the-top sweet, sweet reward you deserve after your decisive dry-marker ordering success, as you sit at the bar like the eating boss you are—er, in this particular case, maybe more like Santa (who is definitely some kind of boss, of elves, for instance), very full, ready to walk down Bedford Avenue, and holiday shop.


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