Tonight, You Can Tell Scott Stringer Everything That’s Wrong In Your Life

Big news, Brooklyn: Your City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, is holding a Town Hall meeting tonight in your home borough.

Starting at 7pm at the Brooklyn Music School in Fort Greene, Stringer will open the floor to questions and dialog, according to a press release, “about the daily challenges New Yorkers are facing,” for his first general-topic Town Hall in Brooklyn. Indeed, that could cover quite a bit of ground, so it was wise of the release to followup, “The event will be… unfiltered, with no topic too big—or too small—to raise.”

You might be wondering, if the Comptroller is in charge of city finances, what could he do, for example, about a crappy city park, or bus lane, or anything not obviously related to commerce or money? The answer is, plenty, because more broadly speaking, the Comptroller’s office is one of numbers, mandated to conduct not only financial audits, but also performance audits of all city agencies. So if, say, there is one particular playground that seems to cause a lot of injuries, it will address those claims directly with the Department of Parks and Recreation.

New Yorkers like to complain, I mean talk, so this is very refreshing to hear. Plus, gaining free-flowing and easy access to government agencies and officials is not typically the easiest affair, so Stringer’s promised no-holds-barred conversation is quite a refreshing one.

So, folks, get thee to Brooklyn Music School tonight and, we encourage you, start really taking note of all the things you stew over on a regular basis. Is there anything whatsoever related to the Subway? Parking? Inefficient 311 complaints? Bike lanes, dangerous intersections, rent, etc, and so on and so forth? Rather than give yourself a migraine or complain futilely to your friends who don’t want to hear you talk about it anyway, you can tell Stringer himself. For once, someone is apparently very eager to hear all about what’s bothering you.

And, nota bene! If you can’t make it, you can still tune in and participate virtually. For the first time the Town Hall will be streaming live via Periscope, which you can link to via Stringer’s Twitter, @scottmstringer. You can also submit questions using Twitter hashtag #BKTownHall.

Comptroller Stringer’s Brooklyn Town Hall tonight at 7pm (doors at 6:30pm), at the Brooklyn School of Music, 126 St Felix Street, Fort Greene. 


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