Vietnamese Superstar Bun-Ker Will Open in East Williamsburg

You can eat this tasty stuff a little closer to the L train.
You can eat this tasty stuff a little closer to the L train.

The moment Bun-ker opened very far away form the L-Train, but very much closer to the strip club Pumps in Ridgewood, New Yorkers had never been so happy to walk so far to eat Vietnamese (and maybe, finally, check out Pumps for an after dinner drink-and-show). Inconvenient food had seldom drawn bigger crowds.

Earlier this month we learned Bun-ker would expand to the up-coming Dekalb Market Hall near Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn—decidedly more accessible by many, many more trains than the 15-minute walk from the Jefferson Stop in Ridgewood. But the makers of delicious Vietnamese street food, we’ve learned, aren’t stopping there.

Free Williamsburg posted a note from the local Community Board stating their approval for a new Bun-ker location in East Williamsburg. When you map the new address—99 Scott Avenue—you might be surprised to find it is actually not terribly far from the original Bun-ker spot; a ten minute walk separates the Metropolitan Avenue restaurant from the planned expansion. (Maybe they’ll close the original and create one big and fancy East Williamsburg/Ridgewood Bun-ker upgrade?)

The closest subway is still the Jefferson L, but your walk will now be cut in approximately half. Maybe keep your post-dinner jaunt to Pumps as part of your Bun-ker night itinerary, so you may be sure to eat just as much delicious Vietnamese meat, then walk it off afterwards.


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