Get Cozy with Joinery, the App that Makes Moving Easy—Finally

Illustration by Elizabeth Graeber
Illustration by Elizabeth Graeber

Vianney Brandicourt and Julia Ramsey are friends, Brooklyn-dwellers, and past employees at Google who noticed that something fundamental to every New Yorker’s life was broken: the apartment hunt.

“Even when the experience is good, the price you pay for the service you’re getting is off,” says Brandicourt. “Every tenth person is subsidizing nine failed matches. It’s as if you won a shit lottery.”

Their solution?

Riding on the coattails of peer-to-peer lodging services like AirBnB, Joinery connects apartment hunters directly with departing tenants, thus shaving off time, money, and headaches for every person involved, landlord included.

Here’s how it works: Like AirBnB, departing tenants list their apartment on Joinery, including images and pertinent quality of life information. Basic messaging is built into the App, so apartment seekers can get tailored and vital information from the tenant up front. 

Joinery users fill out only one form that lives online—the equivalent of college’s common application but for apartmens.

“Our long term vision is to make moving a pleasant experience, so you’re not going crazy doing searches on Street Easy or any other site,” says Ramsey, then jokes: “Basically, we’re like the Mother Theresa of moving.”

So say hello to Joinery, your new patron saint of moving.


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