This One Gift Will Prove to Someone That You Really Love Them

Chocolate Whiskey Kings County Distillery

Sometimes the hardest people to shop for are the ones you really, really care about. I want to buy a Chanel bag for my best friend so badly — but I can’t afford that shit! And if I got her a designer handbag and she got me a picture frame (although I would definitely like a picture frame, Alana) it would just be weird. So how do you get them something that that conveys your undying devotion and doesn’t break your bank account?

The answer is simple my friends: Chocolate Whiskey.
Kings County Chocolate Bourbon Christmas Gift

While attending the Village Voice’s annual Holiday Spirits Cruise (get it?), I stumbled upon this treasure at Kings County Distillery’s booth. Kings County Distillery is New York City’s first licensed whiskey distillery since Prohibition. They make the chocolate whiskey by infusing their moonshine with ground cacao bean husks from Mast Brothers Chocolate, a local Brooklyn chocolate factory.

Kings County Distillery Chocolate Whiskey

I already love their locally distilled bourbon and moonshine. I already love chocolate. I already love combining two things I love into one glorious amalgam. Chocolate and whiskey are two of the things my friends and I discuss the most often. (After boys of course, lol, right Jimmy?) It was a match made in heaven.

The whiskey is not new, so maybe you’ve heard of it before? If so, fuck off, this post isn’t for you. I’d never heard of it and I’m enamored with the idea so I’m going to buy it for all my friends for Christmas. Sorry I gave away what you’re getting, guys.

This decadent beverage is available at any of these local stores, or through numerous online retailers.

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