Only in Williamsburg: Oddfellows Outdid Itself with a Caramel Apple Cotton Candy Cone This Fall

photo via Oddfellows Facebook
photo via Oddfellows Facebook

Oddfellows doesn’t need to do much to stand out amongst the ice cream crowd, as their everyday scoops are already calibrated to make a statement—think, black pepper-fig and chorizo-caramel swirl, or ants-on-a -og sorbet. But that hasn’t kept Sam Mason and co. from continuing to push the envelope, frequently resulting in thrilling collaborations, like an absinthe chocolate chip flavor with Maison Premiere, and fantastically quirky creations such as the OddPocket (ice cream stuffed in brioche bread and heated in a panini press) and Maple Bacon Air Waffles, two delicate cakes cradling maple crunch ice cream, bacon-infused whipped cream, and maple syrup.

So even if you’ve already sworn off ice cream in favor of leftover Halloween candy and pumpkin pie this autumn, it’s high time to reconsider, as Oddfellows is at it again in an outsized way. And while they actually debuted their gonzo cotton candy-swathed cones a while ago, the brand new caramel apple version may be the best argument yet for wrapping frozen sugar in spun sugar—a brilliant confluence of summery state fair snack food with one of fall’s most signature sweets.

It all starts with a handmade graham cracker sugar cone that’s been dipped in white chocolate, and topped with a snowball of spiced apple cider ice cream. The whole thing gets enrobed in an Einsteinian puff of cinnamon-injected cotton candy, and voila: the Caramel Apple Cotton Candy Cone is born—a diabetic’s nightmare and dessert extremist’s dream. But better luck next time, East Village, as it’s exclusively offered at the Williamsburg flagship, and then, in very small quantities for only an extremely limited time. So go on and make a seasonal exception for Oddfellows’ over-the-top ice cream, and simply hold off on pie until Thanksgiving.

175 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg


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