T-Pain Is Playing a Massive Greenpoint Warehouse Party You Can’t Get Into

You will not have the pleasure of seeing this man, tonight in Greenpoint.
You will not have the pleasure of seeing this man, tonight in Greenpoint

As far as inaccessible warehouse-raves go, Greenpoint is having itself a moment. On Halloween came the disastrously over-booked fracas planned inside a plastics factory and, yes, Superfund site, that got shut down before the fun could even start. The streets of north Brooklyn have never been so littered with so many sad party people very literally all dressed up with no place to go.

But Greenpoint–the neighborhood that never says die, ecological disasters aside–is giving the giant warehouse party another go tonight, and T-Pain will headline it all. Only thing is, you most definitely cannot get inside.

Have you heard of the immersive art experience that everyone’s really into lately? Jack Daniels has, too, and they took that thought and said to the world, “We will see your immersive art experience and we will raise you a big, invite-only show that will take place inside of a gigantic warehouse that we will build out, down to individual hotel rooms and offices, that will mirror an honest-to-goodness retro motel.”

That vision turned into Motel No. 7 , which will tour five cities, and Greenpoint is the lucky host for its New York stop (last night was the first of the two-night event). The concept takes up 35,000-ridiculous-square-feet, with everything from a motel pool, deck and cabana included, a hotel suite, a janitor’s office, and—what would any party be these days without a secret speakeasy?—a secret speakeasy. And, more madness: real live people getting married, officiated by Andrew WK.

Headliner T-Pain will be squeezed in there somewhere but, as mentioned, you can’t see him anyway because the whole thing is not only sold out but, oooooh, secret invite only. Sorry. But don’t cry yet. Motel No. 7 is coming back next year with lots more over the top immersive art experience, and likely with other great acts like T-Pain because they’re a liquor brand. So, chin up. 2016 could be your immersive-art-experience-warehouse-rave year.


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