Future’s Comeback Season Continues On Rocky-Sampling “Last Breath”

Future Last BreathFuture’s comeback season might stretch on forever. After his sophomore album Honest and the collapse of his very-public relationship with Ciara toward the end of 2014, the Atlanta rapper put out a mediocre, somewhat ill-received tape called Monster, and followed it up with two more in quick succession, the Zaytoven collaboration Beast Mode and 56 Nights. It was on that last tape that the tide began to turn for Future, who released another studio album Dirty Sprite 2 a few months later, and was met this time with critical acclaim. Several weeks later, he released yet another tape, What A Time To Be Alive, this one a joint project with Drake.

Why am I rehashing all that before getting into his new Rocky theme-sampling song “Last Breath?” Because it sets the stage for why this song will resonate so deeply with his die-hard fans; it extolls the virtues of never giving up, and how all the struggles Future faced motivated him to achieve more. Of course, this sentiment pairs beautifully with Creed, the Rocky spinoff this song will appear on the soundtrack for. Ironically, the alt-rock band who share a name with the movie have a very popular song called “One Last Breath,” but that song is not referenced here (yet). I’m fully confident Future and Metro Boomin could turn a Scott Stapp sample into a club anthem if they wanted to. Metro Boomin and Ludwig Göransson produced the song, and the film itself will be out 11/25. Listen below.


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