Where to Eat Brains in Brooklyn

eat me?

Instead of packing non-perishables, batteries and chainsaws for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, have you ever considering taking an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach? While brains have yet to become as universally accepted as heart, tongue and liver in the world of edible offal, a small handful of Brooklyn spots will help you develop that taste for gray matter.

La Superior: “Don’t ask. Get them!” commands La Superior’s menu of their $3 sesadillas (a portmanteau of “quesadillas” and “sesos”), translated to cheesy, deep-fried tortillas wrapped around a creamy, jalapeño and scallion-flecked pulp of boiled and sautéed pork brains.
295 Berry Street, Williamsburg

Karam: Once safely smeared in the confines of a floppy pita, and bombed with chopped parsley, pickled veggies and a healthy squirt of garlic sauce, you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish a base of gray-tinged beef brain custard from a mild-flavored sludge of grainy babaganoush.
8519 4th Avenue, Bay Ridge

Café Paris: One of many Brighton Beach eateries reflecting the ancient, gastronomic interchange along the Silk Road, Café Paris serves everything from kebabs, shrimp scampi and baked eel, to Ukrainian borscht, pickled herring, and a hot appetizer of deep-fried lamb brains, with fluffy, fatty centers.
3178 Coney Island Avenue, Brighton Beach

Favor Taste: Boasting bubbling stocks of Chinese herbs, congee, kimchi or pigs bone, Flavor Taste’s all-you-can-eat hot pots feature pig liver, pig blood and yes, pig brains, as quick cooking protein options. Although be advised, the restaurant reserves the right to impose a $13.99 surcharge, per each pound of wasted food.
732 61st Street, Borough Park



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