Tandem Bar is Closing: Time to Go Elsewhere for Fog Machine Parties and Kale

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.16.03 PM

Bushwick, we bring you tidings of bad news, at least if you very much enjoy Narragansett and shot specials, drag queen congregations, revelrous TV screenings, fog-heavy dance parties, and yet another place to find a kale salad in Brooklyn: Tandem Bar is closing for good on November 1st.

As shared on the bar’s Facebook page and reported by Gothamist, there is still one more glorious chance to party on Troutman Street as so many have done with abandon (to the chagrin of people who lived, rather than drank, in its vicinity) since Tandem opened almost seven years ago.

The bar asks that you email them for details–and so: do it. We might crack sarcastic about all the things you can find there that are also available everywhere else but, as you know, delivery is everything in life, and Tandem’s delivery was pretty tight.


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