So Speaking of Weed Dick…

Not someone suffering from weed dick.
Not someone suffering from weed dick.

Probably you know already about whiskey dick, the phenomenon wherein a guy drinks too much whiskey and then can’t maintain or even get an erection, but the big (not hard, just big) news on the dick-front these days is the tragedy that is weed dick. According to medical anatomical journal Playboy, marijuana affects more than just your brain cells, kids, it also affects your sex cells, at least in the sense in which weed “has an inhibitory effect on certain receptors inside the erectile tissue of the penis” meaning it causes dull dick. This is terrible, in the way that something which can make you feel so good can also not, but it’s not terrible in the sense that weed—like almost everything in life—is overrated.

But anyway, beyond the whole obvious “don’t-do-drugs-that-aren’t-good-for-sex-in-order-to-be-good-at-sex-because-there-are-other-drugs-for-that” lesson here, we can’t help but be a little concerned about the enormous amount of weed (over $3.5 million worth! more than 3,000 pounds!) that was just discovered in a tractor-trailer in Queens by the NYPD yesterday. Six men were arrested (including one in Brooklyn!) and “could each face up to five and a half years in prison for criminal possession of more than 3,000 pounds of pot,” reports Daily Intel. What has not been reported, however, is how the confiscation of this huge amount of marijuana has saved countless men from suffering the dreaded affliction known as weed dick. Thanks, NYPD!?



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