Act Like a Weirdo at the Mp3 Experiment “Twelve Tonight” at Prospect Park

If you’re unfamiliar with the Mp3 Experiment, let us enlighten you: It’s a situation where participants download an mp3 File that commands them to do absurd things. Participants then perform these tasks in a public space as a group, so anyone not playing the game will think they’re surrounded by lunatics.

Coordinated by Improve Everywhere, a collective of pranksters who like to cause a stir by orchestrating bizarre stunts in places filled with unsuspecting people, the Experiment’s twelfth installation will take place at 7pm tonight in Prospect Park. Participation is usually pretty huge at these events, as previous Mp3 Experiments have seen thousands of people descend on places like the South Street Seaport or Governor’s Island.

The last event took place at Fort Greene Park and looked like a real doozy. In the video above, you’ll see hordes of Mp3 experimenters interacting with voice commands from their headphones, doing things like curtsying for strangers and pretending they’re secret agents.

So if you’re looking for some good, clean fun this evening, we suggest you head to Prospect Park at dusk. Bring your headphones. You can find all information for the free event here.

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