A Cannabis Film Festival Is Coming to Williamsburg


From Cheech and Chong to Dazed and Confused to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the stoner film is a vaunted subgenre in American cinema. It gets a proper celebration later this month, when the first-ever New York City Cannabis Film Festival comes to Williamsburg. 

Organized by marijuana aficionado meetup group High NY, the festival will screen eight films at the Wythe Hotel on September 26th, starting, obviously, at 4:20pm. They’re not all films about weed, per se, but films that pair well with weed. “As far as a topic, we are not really heavy on cannabis,” organizer Tim Mattson told DNAInfo. “The films are just kind of meant for someone who has enjoyed something that possibly might have an effect on them.” Or something.

The feature film, “The Scientist,” is a documentary by filmmaker Zach Klein about the life and work of Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist best known for his work elucidating how marijuana interacts with the human brain and body. So if you’re sitting there watching and wondering how you got so, so stoned, the film might have some answers.

See the lineup and get tickets for the NYCFF here

[via DNAInfo]


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