Breaking: The Best Burger in Brooklyn Is Officially Moving to a Brand New Location

get in my mouth
get in my mouth

Great news for all you burger lovers who don’t live near Mill Basin and/or don’t have access to a car: The best burger in Brooklyn is coming to Prospect Lefferts Gardens. That’s right, the Hard Times Sundaes food truck, run by Andrew Zurica, is moving from its longtime perch in a Mill Basin parking lot to a brand new location in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Zurica confirms that he will be relocating the truck during the first week of October to a spot by the BP gas station at the triangular intersection of Flatbush Avenue, Washington Avenue, and Lincoln Road, conveniently located right next to a B/Q subway station and not far from a 2/5.

And so while we feel bad for everyone who lived way closer to Mill Basin than we do, we are also really, really happy that we live close to the new location, because we have had this burger and it is kind of all we’ve thought about whenever we’ve thought about burgers since then. Everything else kind of pales in comparison, you know? But even if you’re not a burger lover, Zurica’s got you covered: Deep-fried hot dogs wrapped in bacon and doused with grilled onions and sauerkraut are always a good option, as are chili cheese fries, and amazingly thick milkshakes.

We’ll update you with more info (like the exact opening date) when it comes, but in the meantime? Get hungry.



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