Sleeping Bushwick Artist Will Date Whoever Wakes Him With True Love’s Kiss

Artist Scears Lee. Photo by Marilia Destat via
Artist Scears Lee. Photo by Marilia Destat via

Despite the number of bros who claim to be looking for “Tinderella,” dating apps are hardly the best place for finding fairytale romance. Weary of the digital dating market, Bushwick-based artist Scears Lee is taking his love life offline with inspiration from the Brothers Grimm.

On Saturday, August 22nd, Lee will perform “Beauty Sleep” at Glasshouse Gallery, where he’ll sleep for six hours on a mattress on the floor. Every “witness” must come up and kiss him while he sleeps. If a kiss wakes him up, Lee will take the kisser on a date. It’s one way to deal with the alleged Dating Apocalypse.

As Lee explains on his website:

The artist does not sleep 24 hours prior to the performance. The artist sleeps on a mattress. Every witness must kiss the artist while the artist sleeps. If the artist wakes up after being kissed, there is an agreement that artist and the witness will go on a date after the performance. The artist’s objective of this performance is to find a spiritual companion.

It’s not the first time Lee’s work has critiqued the weird world of online dating. In “OKCupid Graveyard,” he jogs through a cemetery, reciting dozens of generic messages he’s received from fellow users.

Beauty Sleep happens Saturday, August 22nd, from 4 to 10pm at Glasshouse Gallery.

[via Brokelyn]


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