This Might be the Most Expensive Rental in Brooklyn

screen shot: street easy
screen shot: street easy

From the outside, many refurbished apartment buildings don’t look like they’d cost a small fortune. But in reality, a few of these living quarters are so damn expensive that they could only be inhabited by royalty or an heir to an exorbitant fortune. Take 113 Willow Street in Brooklyn Heights, for example; management company Brown Harris Stevens is now renting it out… for $30,000. 

The home, which is pretty damn beautiful, is three stories and was built in 1829. After being renovated last May, the asphalt shingles that used to drape the building’s facade have been replaced with wood-paneling. The effect is that of a 19th century time-capsule, the likes of which will cost you a New York City editorial assistant’s annual salary for a month’s worth of decadent living.

Who can afford this, you might ask. Let’s weigh just who might be able to rent—not own—an apartment at the cost of more than a quarter million dollars a year:

Are you the Sultan of Brunei? Jeff Bezos? Cristiano Ronaldo? The Koch brothers? The unflinching spirit of Steve Jobs? Will Smith? Jada Pinkett Smith? Jayden Smith? The entire Smith-Pinkett clan?

You get the idea. Anyway, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the apartment is on the National Register of Historic Places, and as per its listing on Street Easy, the lucky tenants will have ample room for throwing masquerade balls and generally hosting other rich people events across their new nine room paradise.

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