Trader Joe’s is Coming to Williamsburg

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 5.18.51 PM

Lovers of reasonably cheap and mostly very edible frozen meals, rejoice: Trader Joe’s will be opening its second Brooklyn location in Williamsburg, in a building that will be constructed at 206 Kent Avenue, between North 3rd and Metropolitan. The California-based brand’s 18,000-square-foot store will compete with the Whole Foods that’s slated to open up just a few blocks away, offering a more affordable alternative for the neighborhood’s few remaining non-Wall Street bros. Wegmans, another grocery store chain, will open its first Brooklyn location too. J. Crew and Apple are just a few more major retail chains making inroads in the once-industrial neighborhood now being colonized by the likes of former governor Eliot Spitzer. But because we love Two Buck Chuck, Trader Joe’s opening will be the rare bit of Brooklyn mall-ification we’re excited about. The opening date hasn’t yet been announced.

[via Crain’s]


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