Talib Kweli to Spin at Silent Alleyway Disco on “Worst Street in Brooklyn”

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Talib Kweli, via Wikimedia Commons

Grove Alley, a former dead-end garbage dump between Downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton and Livingston Street, was once dubbed a “candidate for the worst street in Brooklyn” by Forgotten New York. It’s since been transformed into an event space, though, and on July 31st, hip-hop artist Talib Kweli will be spinning at a silent disco in this 250-foot alleyway, mixing beats along with DJ Beto, DJ Chela and DJ Joro Boro.

“Up to three live DJs are spinning tunes, each one playing a different genre. But the music can’t be heard in the venue. It’s as though people are dancing to nothing,” silent disco-specialists Quiet Events, explain. THe event has been organized and produced by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, and guests can rent $5 headphones to tune into three different channels while sipping on Brooklyn Brewery beer food from Kimchi TacoSweet ChiliMorris Grilled Cheese, and Coolhaus trucks. An interactive art display featuring 40 vintage television sets donated by Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse will “enhance the alley vibes,” according to Quiet Events. If you like looking like you’re dancing to nothing, you can RSVP here.

[via DNAInfo]


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