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There once was a little company named Spinlister, born in Brooklyn amongst the brownstones and raised on a love of bicycles. The little company saw bikes everywhere—rolling lazily through Prospect Park, leaning into the tight turns of the Red Hook Criterium, and parading along in the Tour de Brooklyn. They were shiny, they were fast, and they seemed to make a lot of people very, very happy. Spinlister wanted every single person to have access to a bicycle, so they decided to start a peer-to-peer bicycle sharing platform where Listers and Renters could mutually agree to any sort of rental contract they desired.

Spinlister was worried, though. How could they protect Listers from theft or damage? The answer was simple: provide a guarantee for all Listers of up to $10,000 in case anything should happen, free from claims adjusters or loopholes. They would do the right thing by everyone. Melted helmets from hot summer pavement, bike lights forgotten, or pedals stripped: no issue was too small and no Lister went forgotten.

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The idea worked wonderfully: cost efficient and environmentally friendly, it put awesome riders and lovers of bicycles from all over the world in touch and let them ride the coolest bikes wherever they went* (disclaimer: “wherever they went” actually means NYC, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and cities in over 63 countries worldwide. But hey, that’s not bad, right?). The company grew and grew until every imaginable type of bike was listed: fixed gear, mountaincruiser, cargo, road, high end triathlon, single speed, tandem, and even unicycles. You can check out these rides and much, much more on the app and website!

As the Spinlister community grew, incredible things started to happen. A grandmother found a perfect kid-sized bike which she used to teach her grandson how to ride (need one?). One Lister got a basket of home-grown fresh fruit from a Renter’s farm, and another was paid in opera tickets. A twelve-year old made $200 renting her bike in one summer. Professional athletes like Luke McKenzie even listed their bikes on Spinlister to help fellow triathletes in need of rides for big races.

Pro Luke McKenzie’s actual bike. Which you can actually rent on Spinlister!
Pro Luke McKenzie’s actual bike. Which you can actually rent on Spinlister!

The generosity of Listing and Renting helped an athlete from Austin, TX make the Men’s Finals of The Red Hook Crit on a bike that had been won at the same event a few years before!

The Red Hook Crit Bike. Try it yourself!
The Red Hook Crit Bike. Try it yourself!

Now Spinlister, The Global Bike Share, has more bikes than ever with a growing community of bike enthusiasts from all over the world. They have 50% more demand for bike rentals than they have bikes available! If you own a bicycle, list it on Spinlister (it takes less than 3 minutes). Putting a bicycle on the website does not obligate you to rent it out, you’re simply listing it and saying “It’s available for the right person” (Based on verifications and secure in-app chats with the potential renter). Plus, remember that you are 100% protected from theft or damage up to $10,000. You’ll earn some extra money and help somebody else see Brooklyn as it should be seen–from the seat of a bike. Spinlister is incredibly proud that they took their first steps here, and are working every day to be a company that this community can remain proud of.

Anyone who lists their bike in the next week is automatically entered to win the “List A Bike To Win A Bike” promotion. They’ll select a random winner in Brooklyn and ship them a brand new bike. And they even pay for the shipping. So, visit Spinlister.com and become a Lister today!

This post is sponsored by Spinlister, a Brooklyn born peer-to-peer bike share platform allowing users to rent their own bikes to other bike enthusiast in over 60 countries. 


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