Order Your Very Own 3-D Printed Fort Greene Park Edward Snowden Bust

Screenshot via Animal New York
Screenshot via Animal New York

As you may have heard, last month, a group of anonymous artists disguised as park department employees installed a faux-bronze bust of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden atop a war monument in Fort Greene Park. Called “Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument 2.0,” the statue was promptly removed by park officials.

But now, clones of the statue could proliferate around the world thanks to another artist, who’s hawking 3-D printed replicas of the Ft. Greene Park Snowden bust—Doric column, bronze eagle and all—on Sketchfab. Maybe an army of these busts will storm Brooklyn parks in the coming weeks. For those who don’t want to engage in guerrilla art tactics but still want to pay homage to an exiled martyr for dick pic privacy, it would also make great living room decor.


Edward Snowden At Fort Greene Park
by James
on Sketchfab

Download the 3-D printable file for free or order a 3-D print of the Snowden bust via Sketchfab.


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