Famous Donald Rumsfeld-Hater Carole Wagner Greenwood Joins 2 Duck Goose

photo via 2 Duck Goose
photo via 2 Duck Goose

Carole Wagner Greenwood famously refused to serve Donald Rumsfeld during the Bush administration, at her acclaimed Washington D.C restaurant, Bucks Fishing & Camping, —advising staff that “I don’t feed war criminals, and when you send him out, just take his chair and break it outside.” But Brooklyn residents (who aren’t reprehensible war criminals!) should have much better luck at Gowanus’ 2 Duck Goose.

Following a brief stint at Grindhaus in Red Hook, the James Beard-nominated, Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef—a disciple of Jonathan Waxman, and founder of the now-closed Greenwood and still bustling Comet Ping Pong, also in D.C.—is adding another layer of prestige to the seasonally-focused Chinese restaurant, which has quickly racked up accolades from a number of notable media outlets; including our own.

And while Greenwood’s spent the better part of her career very much in charge, she’s not too proud to take a page from 2 Duck Goose’s established playbook, and will be faithfully executing menu staples like Cantonese roast duck and pork char siu. That being said, the locally-minded chef (who helped D.C. get wise to the farm-to-table movement), is much more than a mere soldier, devising a number of inspired creations of her own, including duck egg rolls, warm soba noodles with spring greens and green garlic, lobster fried rice, and an “inauthentic” Vietnamese sandwich made with avocado, crunchy vegetables and char siu pork.

As for new brunch options, you’ll probably never spot Rummy amongst the crowds clamoring for chicken and okonomiyaki-style waffles, or smoked trout and veggie-filled Hong Kong pineapple buns. But the Greenwood-helmed restaurant could certainly serve as ideal weekend headquarters, for hungry Hillary Clinton campaign staffers.

400 4th Avenue, Gowanus


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