It’s the Last Day for the Sussman Brothers Pop-Up at Threes Brewing… Go!

Photo of delicious, delicious fried sweet potatoes with harissa aioli and green zhug Photo via Instagram

Hey, just a little reminder that today is the LAST DAY to eat at Max and Eli Sussman’s pop-up at Threes Brewing in Gowanus. They’ll be serving lunch and dinner today and it will feature food like the insane fried sweet potatoes with harissa aioli and green shug pictured above, as well as chicken shawarma, feta and sumac flatbread, beet hummus, lamb and orzo, and so much more! And today only, if you place ten or more orders of shawarma, you can get it delivered to your office or home or wherever you spend your days. Plus, this pop-up serves as a preview for Max and Eli’s upcoming new Mediterranean restaurant, which—if you’ve ever eaten Max’s food at much-missed The Cleveland or Eli’s at Mile End—you know will be really, really good. And if you want to bring a little of their culinary gifts into your home, well, you’re in luck! Their latest cookbook, Classic Recipes for Modern People, is on sale today, and there will be a special event at Berg’n on Thursday as part of Greenlight Bookstore’s new Book Cooks series, during which Max and Eli will talk with Brooklyn Flea founder Eric Demby about their inspiration and experiences at restaurants like Roberta’s and The Breslin. Plus, attendees will get a sneak-peek (sneak-taste?) of the book in the form of an appetizer.

For tickets to the Sussmans Book Cooks event, visit here.

Threes Brewing: 333 Douglass Street, Gowanus 

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