Broad City Does Amazing ‘Micro-Impressions’ on Letterman

Killin it.
Killin it.

A couple episodes ago, Abbi Jacobson debuted her spot-on Drew Barrymore impression on Broad City. It was marvelous for many reasons, but one of them was that it was a pretty compressed bit. She didn’t go on and on, she just pulled a quick “I’m Drew Barrymore,” and that was it. Turns out that it was just the tip of a new genre of comedy that she and Ilana Glazer have been working on: Micro-impressions.

The two debuted their short impressions on Letterman last night, with Glazer flaunting a flawless Nicki Minaj-ordering-at-a-diner and Jacobson tackling Rose from Titanic. They’re the haiku of impressions. Let’s hope we see more of them:



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