Superiority Burger Will Be Doing a Pop-Up at Ovenly in Greenpoint

Photo via Superiority Burger's Twitter
Photo via Superiority Burger’s Twitter

If you’re going to wait on an interminable line for a hamburger, let it be this one.

Already the stuff of legend (especially considering they’ve only been made available to the public a handful of times, including our own Taste Talks All-Star BBQ last summer), Del Posto’s Brooks Headley will be serving his celebrated Superiority Burgers at Ovenly in Greenpoint in March 6th.

Hailed by many of the world’s best chefs as the greatest veggie burger known to man, the painstakingly perfected patties are made with an aggressively seasoned mix of farro, barley, quinoa and brown rice. Although Headley wisely tones the virtuousness down in other areas, effectively mimicking the sensation of eating a junky, fast food burger by piling them with iceberg lettuce, plum tomatoes, muenster cheese, mustard and ketchup, inside of a ubiquitous Martin’s potato roll.

The burgers (as well as side salads, cookies, and a so-called “cannoli gelato thing”) will be available at Ovenly from 6pm until they sell out. And considering owner Erin Patinkin’s Facebook has already been flooded with fans, some of whom have already cancelled upcoming flights in order to attend, you can expect Cronut-level crowds to amass on Greenpoint Avenue—although if you really want to feel superior, you can always bide your time on line with provisions from nearby River Styx.

31 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint


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