Oasis Falafel Is Now $4, R.I.P. Williamsburg Again


Oasis Falafel, the beloved spot just off the Bedford Avenue L train, has long been a haven for a cheap, filling meal. And though the place has resisted being evicted like half the other good things in the neighborhood, for the past eleven years they’ve charged the same amount for a falafel sandwich: Just $3. Alas, those days are over, thanks to inflation and vegetable prices. Now, the falafel will run you $4.

Of course, $1 is a small price to pay if the falafels are going to keep coming from Oasis. And we’d much rather shell out an extra buck than have yet another neighborhood institution close. But it’s a sign of the times that you can’t even get the cheapest fried chickpeas in Brooklyn anymore. Bummer.


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