Cops Rescued 74 Rabbits From Gowanus During The Snowstorm


Look, I’m going to give you a couple minutes to get all the puns out of your system, and that includes “Oh Hoppy Day!” and “Hop Hop Hooray!” and “hopstacles” and something about “snow bunnies” and maybe even “what a hare-brained idea,” because, yes, this story is something that is just itching for that treatment. Apparently during last night’s impending snowstorm, one Gowanus pet-owner refused to bring their many, many rabbits from the backyard and into the house, which lead the the NYPD heroically rescuing or ruthlessly stealing them, depending on who you ask.

Rabbit owner Dorota Trec told DNA Info that about 20 police officers descended on her home to confiscate the rabbits last night during the impending blizzard. She was not arrested, nor was any enforcement measure taken against her.

Police told the Daily News that the confiscation came after multiple calls from witnesses. At around 2 p.m, cops were called to the property to tell Trec to bring her animals inside to shelter them from the storm.  At 7:30 pm, the cops were called again after Trec refused to comply, and seized 74 rabbits from her backyard. They were brought to the city’s Animal Care and Control office to be treated. It’s unclear if they’ll be returned to Gowanus. Hoppy Tuesday.


  1. Rabbits fur is very warm, and rabbits are more subject to overheating than cold related issues. Rabbits acclimated to living outside would have no problem staying warm during the blizzard as long as they had adequate protection from the wind. Taking outdoor rabbits into heated rooms during the winter can cause them to overheat. Let’s hope that no rabbits succumbed to heat stress while the authorities were trying to “help” them.

  2. The seizure was traumatic to the rabbits as stated by the owner, and as anyone that knows rabbits would understand. Grabbing by feet and ears and cramming into boxes, then forcing them into heat after being acclimated to the cold is against bunny keeping 101 common sense. I don’t know if they had shelter or not, but if they did, then they did not need to be inside. I was told by a 4H friend that rabbit fur is 7x warmer than sheep wool.

    The NYPD acted on the direction of ASPCA so if these bunnies die, you may all call ASPCA and tell them about themselves. The anti-carriage know nothing group NYCLASS is also branching out into harassing a multidisciplinary collection of animal owners now as they have miserably failed spreading their lies about the “misery” of fat, sleek and sassy horses, and touting this as a heroic action – getting 20 cops out in a blizzard to harass an animal owner and chase her bunnies around, potentially scaring them to death. OK. Sounds more like anthropomorphic fascism to me.


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