Van Leeuwen’s New Greenpoint Shop Is Now Open, Offering $1 Scoops Tomorrow!

Butterscotch Ice Cream with Brownies Photo via Van Leeuwen's Instagram
Butterscotch Ice Cream with Brownies
Photo via Van Leeuwen’s Instagram

Good news, Greenpoint: The new Van Leeuwen Artisan spot has now opened up to take care of all your ice cream, coffee, and sundry other needs! And as an added bonus? From 1-2pm tomorrow, the good people at Van Leeuwen will be serving up $1 scoops of their classic and vegan flavors. Score!

What’s that you say? There’s going to be a crazy winter storm tomorrow, thus making it not what you’d call ideal ice cream-eating weather? Well, first, all weather is ideal ice cream-eating-weather; we’re hardly suggesting you take your cone to the beach or something. Eat it indoors! But also, while you wouldn’t be getting to take advantage of the deal, Van Leeuwen also has Toby’s Estate coffee to keep you warm, as well as Rishi teas, and baked goods by Balthazar and other Greenpoint favorite, Ovenly. So storm or no, head on over to Manhattan Avenue, and welcome Van Leeuwen to the neighborhood.

620 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

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