Trade A Blanket for Beer to Help the Homeless, Feel Good About Yourself


You know how there’s that whole thing about this being the season of giving as well as making wishlists and fighting through crowded sidewalks and all that jazz? Here is an incredibly painless way to help out someone in need, feel good about yourself for doing it, get rid of clutter from your apartment, and get beer in one fell swoop: Several bars in Brooklyn are participating in a program called Blankfest or Beer for Blankets, which is exactly what it sounds like: Give away a blanket, get a beer in return. Win-win.

Per Brokelyn, which first ran a story on Mary’s Bar in Park Slope participating in the program, here are some of the places you can get your do-gooding and drinking on simultaneously:

According to the email we got, you can pop in to Lucey’s Lounge (475 3rd Avenue), Monro Pub (481 5th Avenue), Mini Bar (482 Court Street), Kool Chez (524 3rd Avenue) and both locations of Table 87 (473 3rd Avenue and 87 Atlantic Avenue) to exchange a blanket that will go to the homeless for a beer that will go to you.

See, don’t you feel better about this whole holiday mess already?


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