A Quarter Of All Subway Trains Are Late, It’s Not Just You


If you’ve been feeling that the subway has been running at an even creakier pace than usual, then this news won’t come as a shock. It’s not just in your head: MTA statistics revealed that about 25 percent of all subway trains in the last year arrived five minutes behind schedule. That’s up from 2013 by six percent. On top of that, the number of average subway train delays per month doubled in the last year, hopping from 37,457 per month to 41, 547 per month. So much for Google map travel time calculations.

According to the MTA, the reason that the trains aren’t running on time has to do with subway construction coupled with a steady increase in ridership. It’s also thanks to repairs on the tracks and the MTA shifting to an electronic reporting system to track departure and arrival times of the trains.

But bottom line is that it’s not just you: The train experience has been getting worse. We tend to agree with this Park Slope resident who was asked to comment on the MTA stats by the Daily News: “This city is fast-paced but the trains go at a snail’s pace. While every other major city in the world keeps improving its transit system, ours continues to fall apart. It’s ridiculous,” he said. “The trains smell and they’re overcrowded. They shouldn’t be slow. too.”





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