It’s Official: An Apple Store Is Opening on Bedford Avenue

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With all the recent news of places like d.b.a and Glasslands and Spike Hill and now Galapagos Art Space closing, it’s refreshing to hear about something opening in Brooklyn for a change, right? Like, it’s just nice to know that some businesses can survive in this rapacious commercial real estate market, isn’t it? So, what’s the plucky young company taking a chance on Brooklyn despite the fact that other businesses seem to be dying like flies? Why, it’s Apple! Because of course it is.

Via the New York Post, we learned that following “years of speculation, the tech-products powerhouse has signed a long-term lease for a 20,000-square-foot store at 247 Bedford Ave. at the corner of North 3rd Street.” The building currently standing there will be “getting a whole new look, featuring dramatic, arched windows” and is slated to have its Apple-approved renovations finished as early as April 2015, though no opening date for what will be Brooklyn’s first Apple store has been announced yet.

We would feel more than a little hypocritical decrying the arrival of this particular mega-brand and flinging our hands up in despair because it’s destroying a neighborhood in which its presence is a dissonant one because, well, Apple fits in pretty perfectly with this part of Williamsburg—a sentiment we are writing on our Macbook with our iPhone securely by our side. All we’re trying to say is, we are clearly responsible for our own doom. Happy shopping, everyone!

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