Solange and Her Son Danced Together At Her Wedding and It Was Pretty Great

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the view outside rn

So, it’s pouring rain right now. There’s lightening flashing outside our window. It’s darker than 2:45pm has any right to ever be. And yet, we’re in a pretty good mood. Why? We just watched a pretty great video.

The video in question is one of Solange Knowles and her 10-year-old son, Julez, dancing at Knowles’s wedding this past weekend. Via New York magazine, we watched the mother-and-son duo dance for three minutes to “No Flex Zone,” and, reader, it took our mind right off the fact that the weather outside is apocalyptic. We already knew Julez could dance (Solange brought him onstage during her performance at our parent company’s Northside Festival in 2013, and he could move), but there is something so sweet and lovely about watching a mother and her son so completely enjoy themselves on such a special day that just has us smiling pretty hard and forgetting that we are bound to our desks for at least a few more hours lest we get swept away by the four horsemen or something. Anyway, see for yourself down below. And try not to smile. We bet you can’t.


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