Inside Descendant Cider Company, New York City’s First Urban Cidery


Alexandria Fisk and Jahil Maplestone of Descendant Cidery. All photos by Jane Bruce

The first craft cidery in New York City is tucked into an uninviting warehouse-sized building in that nebulous area on border between Bushwick and Maspeth. Alexandria Fisk, who founded Descendant Cider Company along with her husband Jahil Maplestone, escorts me into the building from a cement alleyway, through a bright clean hallways lined with studio spaces for dozens of other “tinkerers and toyers,” as Fisk puts it, and into a 600-square-foot room crammed with enormous plastic tanks, cardboard boxes, scientific-looking equpiment, and machinery of various designs where Maplestone is standing. “This is it,” he said.


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